Data Scientist. Musician. Creative Coder.

About Me

I offer independent consulting services! Please contact me for your music-related data needs, including study planning and sample size calculations, data analysis, coding, statistical inference, and data visualization.

Hi, I'm Laney.


I recently completed my M.S. in Music Technology at Georgia Tech, transitioning into the music industry after 12 years as a statistician and health care researcher. During that time, I worked with Dr. Claire Arthur as part of the Computational and Cognitive Musicology lab, creating datasets from symbolic representations of music and analyzing that data to find trends and patterns. My master's project was an interactive tool used to navigate a sheet music repository using visualizations (see portfolio). I studied a wide range of other areas at Georgia Tech, including digital signal processing, UI/UX research and design, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and creative coding. In January 2022, I started my current position as a Software Development Engineer with ThinkLive!, Inc., developing a web-based platform to teach STEAM concepts through turntabling. 


In my previous roles, I applied my background in mathematical sciences (B.A. and M.S., Clemson University) to clinical trials, epidemiology, and health services projects. As a musician, I played the flute in community ensembles but struggled to find the time for creative and artistic pursuits. I always thought you had to pick a lane - STEM or the arts, left brain or right brain, analytical thinking or creativity. In music technology, I discovered a new path that embraces all of these areas. In this new phase of my career journey, I apply a systematic approach to the ways in which we create, listen to, and interact with music. I've discovered a surprising amout of overlap between my current and previous fields, with analytical thinking as the foundation of both. 


I was born in Tennessee, grew up in South Carolina, and have also lived in North Carolina, Maryland, and Georgia. I'm a lifelong learner, curious and open to new ideas. I think it's important to pursue new interests and push yourself to try things outside of your comfort zone. In my work I'm organized and conscientious, a good listener who values different perspectives. I describe myself as an introvert who loves people. Every team I work with is a new challenge and opportunity, as we continually work to communicate effectively and learn from each other.